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      Qigihar Shengze pesticide limited company is the countryapproved the production of pesticides sentinel enterprises,with advanced production, testing equipment, with an annualoutput of 2000 tons of 5000 tons of seed coating agents, herbicides.China is the northeastern region of the larger pesticide production

      enterprises.The enterprise has a strong scientific research and 'technology strength, and the same number of agricultural researchinstitutes toestablish relations of cooperation, chemical.

      " Beyond the self, refine on" spirit of enterprise, scientific researchteam has always been to "quality development" as its mission, andconstantly exploring experiment, our products always maintain excellentresults,with good quality, less dosage, the effect of good features such as.Especially in the herbicide tolerance to drought in terms of technology,in the domestic leading position.

      Ketan brand seed, Ketan card herbicide

      has become the Northeast's famous brand products.

      contact us
      • 地址:黑龍江省齊齊哈爾市富??h塔哈鄉馮屯村
      • 郵編;161231
      • 固定電話:0452-3083999
      • 網址:www.pianmanml.com